A Must Watch List Of Comedy Movies

Comedy movies have been one of the favorite genres of the film industry since its very beginning. Like other genre, humor comes in different varieties to suit audiences and tastes, yet these movies tend to perform at theatres compared to other genre. The primary reason behind going out to a movie is to escape your monotonous schedule, relax and lighten the mood. Comedy films offer that perfect mixture of drama, laughter and social messages which stay in our subconscious mind longer than any boring lecture would.

If you are a movie lover and enjoy watching two hours of light and fun-filled acting, here is a list of famous comedy movies which no movie buff would ever think about missing out on watching.

· Waiting for Guffman: Released in 1996 by director Christopher Guest, Waiting for Guffman is the story of an aspiring director who, along with his amateur cast from a Missouri musical production, go through some crazy antics to get notice by a person who can put them through to Broadway and the big lights. With a brilliant performance by Parker Posey, this movie is a must watch for musical lovers.
· Billy Madison: With a superb performance by Adam Sandler, this movie is one of his masterpieces, telling the story about a rich boy who has to redo his entire education in order to inherit his father’s business.
· Harold and Kumar go to White Castle: A story about how food cravings can lead you to the ends of the world and beyond, Harold and Kumar’s misadventures an stoner antics will have you doubled over with laughter from start to finish.
· Elf: If you or your kids love fairy tales and cartoons, then then you’ll definitely love this movie. Will Ferris plays a not-so-small elf-raised human who sets off to find his birth parents in New York with some disastrous and hilarious results.

· Bridesmaids: A favorite among the female audience, Bridesmaids has been dubbed the all-girls version of The Hangover.
· Shaun of the Dead: A movie about zombies might not be the first thing to come in mind when you want to have a good laugh, but the slapstick humor of this movie is simply too good to pass up and makes a great contrast for the gore involved.
· Bringing up Baby: This Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant classic is truly a monumental film from the years gone by. The tale consists of an heiress being tangled into marrying a boorish scientist to save his museum.
· Coming to America: An iconic movie, Eddie Murphy plays a prince who has run away from home to escape the clutches of arranged marriage and stumbles into a fast food restaurant where he falls in love with a waitress.
· Bend it like Beckham: One of the best comic performances by Indian-origin actor Parminder Nagra, Bend it is the story of an Indian girl who’d rather play soccer with the boys than act like a proper Indian girl. With many household scenes and confrontation between traditional Indian parents and their children that many second generation families are bound to recognise, this movie won the hearts of many from both cultures.

This list is just some of the few of the many comedy movies you can watch.